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...just a quick update. I have had a busy few days & trying to recover, but now I think I have a bug too :0(
Hubby & I will be starting IVF treatment so been going back & forth to Leeds for tests etc before it starts.
I will eventually get back to updating this blog more & apologise for lack of presence!!

Don't jump off the roof dad....'ll make a hole in the yard!
If you must end it all dad, then why don't you give us a break.
You can go down to the park dad & then you can jump in the lake!

....Don't ask!! One of my mum's oldie but goodie poems that my nieces now sing!!

Yes I know I am a useless ME blogger....must make more time to blog - I have been keeping a kinda diary though so hard to do both!

I will at some point come back with a full update but until then I'll leave you with

Don't jump off the roof dad.......!!!!!

Helloooooooooooo!!!! I am still here!!!!!

Hello! Yes I am still here. I know I am a very bad blogger sometimes especially when it comes to this blog. I keep telling myself I will blog or even keep a diary but I never seem to keep to it for more than a week (if that lol!)

First what do you think to my fabby background??? I made it myself!! Its my cutie pie Roger to make us all smile!

Ok lets get down to business! - Update.... well its been a weird few weeks. I have been busy with my crafts & bits, well when I say busy I mean I have a lot of things to do but they are actually spread out over days or weeks. I am either sleeping or resting in between. . . Hang on, that makes it sound like I'm being a good girl & resting at the right time!! Nope not me I do too much & then rest instead of resting & then doing a little bit....whoops!!

Hubby is now self employed so only round the corner working. Its been great because he's been helping me out a lot more (he's cooking my tea as I type!!) I've started g…

Cold & tired ....yawn...brrrr!

Well I don't know about you but I am bloody cold today. My body cannot cope with all this change in temperature!! ......anyways apologies for lack of blogging-ness. I have been a busy bee & when I'm not busy I'm too tired to do anything but curl up & snooze!
I've been suffering with really bad heads again all last week & really bad pains in my feet & ankles. Could hardly walk over the weekend.

I feel totally shattered today & would much rather be snuggled up in bed, but we are off to view a house today & its too noisey next door for me to rest in bed!

Anyone know much about forever living products? I am trying their aloe vera juice. I have it first thing every morning. Been taking it just over a week now. Not much difference yet but I am still hopefull it will at least help some of my symtoms, if only my belly (which it seems to be)

Just filled in the 'any changes' inc benefit form & posted it. I hope I don't have to mess around …

Saturday 3rd July 2010 Ellephantastic open day & Raffle Draw!!!

Here are some pictures from Saturday.
Picture 1 is of all my handmade items for sale or order.
Picture 2 is some of my craft products for sale which I now stock in my shop.
Picture 3 is of the raffle prizes all out for people to see & ready for the draw.
Picture 4 is my tombola (which the kids loved) Money from the tombola I donated to AFME.
Picture 5 is my sister & her bump (Eva) my niece's drawing & Kirsty who helped me sell tickets & baked some yummy Whoopie buns for the day.
Picture 6 is me getting ready to do the draw!
Pictures 7,8 &9 are the first prize ticket being drawn!

1st White England Shirt - G Wroe
2nd Red England shirt - Hazel (Didos) Christison
3rd Justin Lee Collins signed book - R U Brown
4th Gadget Show signed t-shirt - Yvonne Baker
5th 2nd Gadget show signed t-shirt - Sue Brown
6th Gadget Show signed postacrds - Ann Currie
7th Bracelet & Watch set - Yvonne Baker
8th £15 knitted toy voucher - Kate Thomas
9th £5 voucher for my shop - A…

Thank you x

I would like to thank all the peopl who bought raffle tickets or supported me in anyway with the raffle & my open day. I am shattered but it was lovely. I will be posting all the details & some photos soon.

Ellephantastic Draw in aid of Action for M.E.

 ***This post will remain at the top till 3rd July***

Ellephantastic Draw in aid of Action for M.E.
Draw date: 3rd July 2010 Deadline to return/buy tickets: 3rd July 2010 2pm  (Any tickets which do NOT make the draw will be treated as a donation to Action for M.E.) 
1st Prize: Red England T-shirt signed by Ian Wright 2nd Prize: White England T-shirt signed by Ian Wright 3rd Prize: Justin Lee Collins book "Good Times" signed by Justin Lee Collins
Plus other prizes including T-shirts (2) signed by The Gadget Show presenters & a set of signed pictures from The Gadget Show presenters (All prizes have been donated by Channel Five)
Tickets cost just £1.00 each  
How to buy tickets: Cash - Directly from me or friends/family selling tickets You will be given your tickets straight away  Cheque -Made payable to  Mrs H M Laurence & post to 24 Stuart Road, Acomb, York, YO24 3AU Please state how you would like to receive your tickets - e.g post or email  (please provide appropriate information wi…

Hospital Appointment

I went to see the head ache clinic Nurse for the first time today. She was very nice, chatty & friendly. She was happy with what I have been doing so far e.g I don't drink tea or coffe, smoke, drink alcohol I'm trying ti eat healthy & I only really drink water. The only thing I need to remember is to keep a little diary & drink more water than I am. I am back again end September to see how I am getting on. I am now taking 50mg of Amitriptyline & she said she may put me up to 75mg depending how I am in Sept. Its a month by month thing she said. Ironically I have had the best day I have had in weeks (other than the constant pains!!) I have been putting links all over facebook & emailed everyone to try & help with awareness. Tomorrow I am going to my friends house for a massage appointment which I hope will help with my neck & back. I will also hear & get all the info re my fundraising fingers crossed I should be able to order some tickets …

Happy ME/CFS awareness day!!!!

I have copy & pasted this post from Laurel's blog because I think it is well presented & perfect for people to learn more.

Today is International ME/CFS Awareness Day. Unless you have or know someone with ME/CFS, you probably wouldn't know that. And even if you did know, you probably won't read about it in any newspaper, nor hear about it on any media outlet. Like many ME/CFS patients themselves, this day tends to go by unmentioned, unnoticed, unheard.

So, in an effort to do my small part in raising awareness about this illness, here are just a few basic facts about ME/CFS:

1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a serious disease with a ridiculous name. CFS is also known as Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E). It is often abbreviated ME/CFS.

2. ME/CFS is a complex, multi-systemic illness, effecting the immune, endocrine, cardiovascular, autonomic, and central nervous systems. It is classified by the W…

Lets Blog,......dooby , dooby ,,,,lets blog!!

Actually it should be lets get warm. I am totally frozen this morning, feel rubbish & on my period (which was a week late again)
Today I am going to give you 10 symptoms I have other than "feeling tired" which is the only one anyone ever knows! Severe pains in my neck which can cause me to pass out, just from holding my arms up at shoulder height.Bruises & not always small ones ALL over my legs. I look like I've been beaten up!Pains - in my elbows, knees, ankles, down my legs, fingers, wrists, back - all very randomly or if I stay in same position too long or walk too far etc... & we're not talking discomfort I'm talking PAINS!Loss of voice &/or sore throatBrain - foggy head, lack of concentration. Total memory erased moments. Can't even form a sentence or think what my name is....& I'm not is VERY scary.Not being able to move when I want to eg - when you think move your leg you dont actually have to think "move my leg&q…

Blogging for CFS/ME week....

.....well over the weekend I thought I had food poisoning & was quite ill with my belly. Poor hubby had to hold me up on the toilet while I was in & out of consciousness!! I've now found out my mum has been badly too, so don't think mine was food poisoning.
Not been sleeping very well again. Hubby has been full of cold & has taken snoring to a hole new level!! Last night I tried my new dose of Amitriptyline, but today I just want to sleep.  I found it really difficult to get out of bed this morning. I just couldn't wake up. When I was pretty much awake & then couldn't get my body to move. Its like I think "Move" but my body isn't getting the messages from my brain.
My head is foggy & I don't quite have a headache but my head feels crap & all I want to do is go back to sleep! Crappy day :-(

Blogging for CFS/ME ...awareness in May

Well its May1st & the beginning of blogging for CFS/ME awareness.
Today I have received some prizes for my raffle from channel FIVE to raise money & awareness. I am just waiting to hear from AFME to make sure everything is ok for me to sort the tickets out. I can't wait!
I've also received my first stock order today for when I relaunch my online shop.
Onto the ME!
Slept better last night because hubby slept on the sofa because he has man flu & would be snoring all night!!
Had crap dreams most of the nigth about being in pain & my legs not working. When I woke up my legs were hurting & numb....probably why I was dreaming the same thing!
Made a couple of new friends through Facebook CFS/ME pages. I would recommend joining them as I now feel much less alone having people talking about their ME everyday.
Its that time of day for me when I get really tired & need a power 2 hour (sleep) Hubby is snoozing now on sofa with the occasional snorty snore!!
Got ton …

awesome news!!

Channel FIVE are offering some FABBY prizes for my online charity auction/raffle etc to help promote CFS/ME awareness week & day which is 12th May....wohoo!!

Make sure you keep an eye out on more news because there is more to come & find out how you can get involved & maybe the a lucky winner!!!

What a busy couple of days...

.....busy mentally more than physically. Poor bun Ebony was poorly & had to go to the vets so I've been worried sick which gave me headache & I felt ill myself. Luckily she seems to have picked up now & is home dancing about her cage with her carrot in her mouth again so...phew...glad thats over!

Wow really had to think what day it is!!!!

Not feeling all together there today. Bit stressed out because one of my 4 rabbits had a rather large pool of blood in her cage this morning so I'm taking her to the vets later. Not very good timing as we're a bit skint & I don't know if I'm on my arse or my elbow today....foggy brain alert...hence the title....took me at least 5 mins to work out what day I'm on. ....Doh! Just realised I could have checked the calendar on my laptop....oh dear...very foggy!!

Pleased with myseld yesterday as I got some knitting done. Not getting alot else done though. Small steps.

Well thats it for now as I can't even think straight or form words in my head to type!

Hurdle 1 & 2 ...done ...check!

Hurdle 1 - start this blog  Hurdle 2 - get the go ahead from Action for ME for my fundraising ideas!! Hurdle 3 - yet to complete!!
Last year I started blogging about my ME & the diet I was trying. Then at the beginning of this year I did a big whoopsie & deleted all my blogs.....doh! I then started a page on my craft blog as I um'd & ar'd about doing another blog just for my ME. I have debated long enough! I have decided to try & be a more active ME supporter, listener, & fund raiser. Starting with the blogging for ME/CFS awareness week. I am hopefully organinsing some fund raising things to coincide so watch this space!