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awesome news!!

Channel FIVE are offering some FABBY prizes for my online charity auction/raffle etc to help promote CFS/ME awareness week & day which is 12th May....wohoo!!

Make sure you keep an eye out on more news because there is more to come & find out how you can get involved & maybe the a lucky winner!!!

What a busy couple of days...

.....busy mentally more than physically. Poor bun Ebony was poorly & had to go to the vets so I've been worried sick which gave me headache & I felt ill myself. Luckily she seems to have picked up now & is home dancing about her cage with her carrot in her mouth again so...phew...glad thats over!

Wow really had to think what day it is!!!!

Not feeling all together there today. Bit stressed out because one of my 4 rabbits had a rather large pool of blood in her cage this morning so I'm taking her to the vets later. Not very good timing as we're a bit skint & I don't know if I'm on my arse or my elbow today....foggy brain alert...hence the title....took me at least 5 mins to work out what day I'm on. ....Doh! Just realised I could have checked the calendar on my laptop....oh dear...very foggy!!

Pleased with myseld yesterday as I got some knitting done. Not getting alot else done though. Small steps.

Well thats it for now as I can't even think straight or form words in my head to type!

Hurdle 1 & 2 ...done ...check!

Hurdle 1 - start this blog  Hurdle 2 - get the go ahead from Action for ME for my fundraising ideas!! Hurdle 3 - yet to complete!!
Last year I started blogging about my ME & the diet I was trying. Then at the beginning of this year I did a big whoopsie & deleted all my blogs.....doh! I then started a page on my craft blog as I um'd & ar'd about doing another blog just for my ME. I have debated long enough! I have decided to try & be a more active ME supporter, listener, & fund raiser. Starting with the blogging for ME/CFS awareness week. I am hopefully organinsing some fund raising things to coincide so watch this space!