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Helloooooooooooo!!!! I am still here!!!!!

Hello! Yes I am still here. I know I am a very bad blogger sometimes especially when it comes to this blog. I keep telling myself I will blog or even keep a diary but I never seem to keep to it for more than a week (if that lol!)

First what do you think to my fabby background??? I made it myself!! Its my cutie pie Roger to make us all smile!

Ok lets get down to business! - Update.... well its been a weird few weeks. I have been busy with my crafts & bits, well when I say busy I mean I have a lot of things to do but they are actually spread out over days or weeks. I am either sleeping or resting in between. . . Hang on, that makes it sound like I'm being a good girl & resting at the right time!! Nope not me I do too much & then rest instead of resting & then doing a little bit....whoops!!

Hubby is now self employed so only round the corner working. Its been great because he's been helping me out a lot more (he's cooking my tea as I type!!) I've started g…