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Come & join the Monk E !!!!!!!!

CFSMonk E is an organisation dedicated to campaigning for and helping CFS / ME sufferers in North Yorkshire
I am part of CFS Monk E. I designed & illustrated Monk E. Please join us on 

Short post from me today.....

.....well its ME awareness day tomorrow & today it is all to real for me...not having a good day :0(

After doing a bit too much yesterday to do with our article going in the Press I have crashed. Was in bed by 7:45 last night. Feel ruddy awful today. Got out of bed this morning for the loo, got to the door (at the end of my bed) had a really bad head rush & then my legs paralysed.....never happened before it was freaky. Hubby had to get out of bed to support me so I could try move!......also not good when you're busting for a pee LOL !!!

Lets hope some rest today sorts me out.....also I'm stopping the tablets again because I've decided the side effects out way the good they do....back to the docs for alternatives!!

Hope you all are feeling as well as possible xx

CFS/ME awarness week Please help me raise awareness ~ Post #2

As I have just recently joined twitter & have tweeted to JLC to ask to help raise awareness I thought I'd re share with you the pic of my knitted JLC with the real one!!!
CFS/ME is a devastating & debilitating invisible illness. I have been suffering now for ....oh many years, too many to count!
There are 250,000 people in the UK alone with CFS/ME  It causes among other symptoms: chronic fatigue muscle, joint & nerve pain concentration problems ~ brain fog disturbed sleep & sleep patterns
Due to government 'cut backs' CFS/ME services all over Britain are being stopped.
Help us campaign for York by following CFS / ME York on Face book & twitter or simply add the badge below to your blog for at least this week. You can link it to Action For ME My ME blog or our Face book page

It CFS/ME awareness week!

Hello folks :0)  Yep it is that time of year again!! 
CFS/ME/FM awareness week

CFS/ME/FM awareness DAY 12th May
On Saturday I did a Craft open day to help raise funds & awareness. Wasn't a very good turnout but i still managed to raise £32.00 so not a bad day :0)
I am at this moment not feeling all there (brain fog!) but thought I would make an effort to at least post something.
I am back on amitriptyline & I think they are starting to give me the weirdo side effects. I can not decided which is worse the symptoms WITH the tablets or the symptoms WITHOUT!!! Ok I really can't think now so thats it from me today!